Is Your Vehicle’s Alignment Off?

What to Look For Some of the most frustrating things about wheel misalignment are that it isn’t visible and that it can happen from even the smallest bumps. This means drivers might not even notice this problem, and some can even drive for years without recognizing their vehicle is suffering from misalignment. Highline Automotive is

What is the Difference Between Gasoline and Diesel Engines?

Have you ever pulled up to the pump and wondered, why are there all these different fuels? Most likely, you don’t ever need to worry about the various kinds since most cars run on regular gasoline. You just select regular and “fill ‘er up!” But some vehicles have entirely different engines designed to run on

Everything You Need to Know About Steering

Steering and Wheel Alignment Have you ever wondered how turning your steering wheel can make your car go the direction you want? How does that work? If you think steering is as simple as turning the wheel, you’ve made a wrong turn somewhere! There is a lot more going on every time you turn around