Diesel Repair

We Service Diesel Vehicles!

Our full-service drive-in facility in Countryside, IL is also your one stop shop for diesel repairs. With six bays and the most advanced tools in the industry, Highline Automotive is fully-equipped to work on light and medium duty diesel vehicles. Our ASE Certified mechanics are also highly trained diesel specialists and have the diagnostic equipment and knowledge to improve the durability and strength of your truck, van, or SUV. But we don’t stop there! We also repair transmissions, brake and emissions systems, and balance tires. If you notice any fluid leaks, need an oil change, or if the check engine light is on, bring your vehicle in to Highline Automotive. Using proper test equipment, we can get any diesel job done right the first time.

Diesel engines are different than gasoline engines and often have specific problems requiring qualified attention. Not every auto repair shop can service diesel engines, so it is important to find the best care for your personal or fleet vehicles. Look no further than Highline Automotive in Countryside, IL! Whether you have a Duramax, Powerstroke or Cummins diesel, we help your engine run longer and stronger. Our team has the most advanced tools in the industry and decades of experience to diagnose and fix any problems hiding under the hood, from complicated transmission service to ignition parts replacement. Complex electrical and injection systems are under a lot of pressure, literally, to keep your diesel vehicle running smoothly and need expert inspection and repair to ensure their proper function. You can’t trust your fleet or individual diesel vehicle to just anyone, but you can trust our specialists to get your vehicle running at peak performance.

If you notice signs of poor performance, such as white exhaust smoke, overheating or extended cranking, your vehicle may need immediate professional attention. Stop by Highline Automotive right away or call for help and our roadside service will tow your vehicle safely to our shop. To prevent serious issues, visit us at–9675 W. 55th St.–for regular service and maintenance of your personal or fleet diesel vehicles. They may require less service than a gasoline engine, but don’t underestimate when it comes to caring for your engine. Depending on your driving habits, whether your truck is carrying loads for you all day or running for miles as a part of a larger fleet, we can monitor your engine to avoid costly repairs. Our team will give it the care it deserves and we back up our work with a 24-month/24,000-mile or 36-month/36,000-mile warranty nationwide. A transmission or clutch repair on your diesel vehicle can be costly, but frequent service at our shop is not. Call 708-482-4900 or use our online scheduling system to make a diesel repair appointment that fits into your day. We look forward to your visit!