Everything You Need to Know About Steering

Steering and Wheel Alignment

Have you ever wondered how turning your steering wheel can make your car go the direction you want? How does that work? If you think steering is as simple as turning the wheel, you’ve made a wrong turn somewhere! There is a lot more going on every time you turn around a corner. Learning more about the steering system can help you make the right choices to take care of your car, ensuring it always handles smoothly and safely. And it all starts with proper wheel alignment.

Why You Need Wheel Alignment

In a perfect world, your car would always look and feel like it did when it first rolled out of the factory. But unfortunately, this world is full of potholes, bumps, and curbs that can throw off wheel alignment and steering. Because steering is all about the position of the wheels, it goes hand in hand with wheel alignment. If you have a hard time maneuvering your car in the desired direction, it’s time for a visit to the alignment experts at Highline Automotive. Driving with misaligned wheels is dangerous for you and your car. Not only does it make steering hard and unpredictable, it also damages and degrades other parts more quickly, racking up repair costs along the way.

What Goes on Behind the Wheel

As you can imagine, what goes on inside the vehicle during a turn isn’t so straightforward. The steering system is actually full of complex dynamics and engineering that allows each wheel to rotate at different speeds and turn at different angles. When a vehicle is built, the wheels are carefully adjusted to both meet the road and connect to one another at all the right angles. The problem is, they don’t stay in perfect position forever. When wheels fall out of alignment, it’s a major problem for passenger safety and vehicle handling. Steering becomes a nightmare and the overall driving experience is dodgy rather than seamless. The good news is that a simple wheel alignment at Highline Automotive will restore your vehicle’s steering for a safer and smoother journey.

By on September 7th, 2018 in Auto Repair