Is Your Vehicle’s Alignment Off?

What to Look For

Some of the most frustrating things about wheel misalignment are that it isn’t visible and that it can happen from even the smallest bumps. This means drivers might not even notice this problem, and some can even drive for years without recognizing their vehicle is suffering from misalignment. Highline Automotive is here to help with that problem, as we want to make sure you’re never driving with misaligned wheels. Here are a few wheel misalignment symptoms you need to look out for.

Uneven Tire Wear

Out of all the signs of wheel misalignment, uneven tire wear is the easiest symptom to notice. If you suspect misalignment in your vehicle, take the time to inspect each tire and its tread wear prior to your next drive. Is the wear pattern consistent throughout each tire? Or does it look different? If the tires have different tread wear, that is a clear indication that the wheels are misaligned.


When the steering wheel is in a straight, neutral position, the vehicle should do exactly that — go straight. Nothing is more dangerous than having to fight your vehicle to maintain the proper direction. If you notice yourself turning the wheel at odd angles to keep it from drifting, you are dealing with pulling. This symptom can be caused by wheel misalignment or underinflated tires, so make sure you check the tire’s PSI level first. If the levels are normal, you are dealing with a misalignment issue.

Tip: if you aren’t sure if your vehicle is pulling or not, take it out to an empty parking lot and test it! While driving slowly, release the steering wheel and see how the vehicle reacts. If you see the vehicle drift one way or the other while the steering wheel is straight, you are likely dealing with a pulling problem.


Regardless of the speed you’re driving (we hope it’s not too fast!), your vehicle should stay smooth and comfortable. If you feel minor or major vibrations while you’re driving, that’s a clear sign of misalignment. This is typically caused when the wheels are angled away from each other. Due to this poor alignment, the wheels are working against each other instead of with each other. This not only provides an annoying vibration, but it also wears out the tires quicker and at weird places. This issue can be both bothersome and dangerous, so we suggest a realignment service at your first convenience!

If you ever suspect wheel misalignment issues in your vehicle, make sure you look at for these classic signs. Afterwards, schedule a visit with Highline Automotive and let our technicians quickly handle that issue for you!

By on May 13th, 2019 in Auto Repair, Wheel Alignment